Beach House

Here is one room from a beach house i am currently working on. I hope you all like it!


4 thoughts on “Beach House

      1. Hello!
        I like your rooms, they are awesome, beautiful, lovely… I can’t believe that you created such a beautiful house. Can you tell me where you find these cute things, because i would like to built my rooms just like yours 😉
        P.S. how do you put two and more things on one table?
        Waiting for your reply 😉

      2. I am so glad you like my rooms! You just made my day! LOL! I get my stuff in the links provided on my blog which are my ultimate favorite sites! You can get cute stuff there. Know to put various things on surfaces you need to get omsp’s which you can download on MTS or many creators include them with their deco items. You just need to use the cheats “moveobjects on” and “boolprop snapobjectstogrid false” in order to place them however you like.

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