Part II Cute Little House

Here are the rest of the pics of the house i finished today. I hope you all like it!

This is the Master Bedroom


This is the two girls bedroom

This is the Bathroom

So that’s it! I hope you like it!


4 thoughts on “Part II Cute Little House

  1. Your getting by your rooms so fast, it takes me forever to build one room as i’m very picky about what to do and where to place things, I like this house to. I noticed that you’ve got the owl books in the childrens room, it was something I requested at BPS which someone kindly done for me it works well in that childrens room. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Usually i take forever to finish rooms, depends on my mood. Since i haven’t played the game in a while i was in a decorating frenzy. The owl books are just adorable. I loved it! Great job requesting it!

  2. Well your certainly faster then me at finishing my rooms, the owls were adorable and glad you like them to. 🙂

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