First Sims 2 Home Download!

Well i have been trying to upload some houses for a while now and after various tutorials and great advice (Gracias Gigi!) i finally have the very first one.

I  uploaded this house unfurnished because i am still new at this  and i am worried about putting any furniture that is not maxis.

This is a 2b/1b Price: $43,846

I have all Sims 2 expansions.

Meshes needed:

Stone Garden Gypsophilia Bush by Shakeshaft (Rustic Stone Garden Set here

Doors and Windows by Shakeshaft (Matrix Set here

Porch fence by Shakeshaft (Lakeside Set here

Arches inside the home by Shakeshaft (Bourbon Set here

Garage lights by Shakeshaft  (Colonial Wall Lamp Set here

White fence on the outside by Windkeeper ( Fence Collection 2 here

Bohemian Staircase  by Mirraag  (Mesh included

Floors by Murano (IR Office Set here  (

Old Yankee deco door by HugeLunatic (Mesh included

2nd Floor Fence by stairs by Piggis Sims ( Mesh is included )

Garage Floor is by funny2401 Pimp My sims (Mesh is included)

Ground Cover is by Sims 2 Gara’s boutique (

Walls are both Maxis and mine which are included.

Everything else is all Maxis

You can download the house here









3 thoughts on “First Sims 2 Home Download!

  1. Looks lovely can’t wait to try it out, unfortunatly my laptop has to go into the store to be fixed. So i’ll have to hold out till then. I hope you manage to work out how to put your own furniture in soon too. Thank you for sharing and I hope it’s the start for many others to be downloaded too. 🙂

    1. Oh thanks so much for your lovely comment! I know how much it sucks to have no computer! i would be biting my nails and going crazy! I hope i can figure it out too. Since all i do is recolor it is a hassle to find which creators allow for one to upload their meshes with your lots. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon!

  2. Your welcome, It is hard with out my laptop i’ll shall have my old one for awhile but I won’t be getting to go on the sims so I can’t finish my house. However I can still check back here. 🙂 and other sim sites.
    Although, I shall probably end up bite my nails by the end of it seeing such lovely things i can’t get for a whole week, (and I hate biting nails.)

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