Continuation of the Remolded Barn

Today i share the master bedroom and bath that i finished. I hope you all like it!

( The Old Barn is by Macthekat and available here



13 thoughts on “Continuation of the Remolded Barn

  1. Oh wow this is amazing! It is very hard finding creators/lot designers who focus on objects with such quality. You have a lot of valuable content in your homes from your personal creations to others. Will this barn be downloadable as a finished project or is this just for show? Anyways I had to stop and compliment you.

    1. It is only for show. You can get the original barn in the link provided but since many creators have policies about their creations i cannot include the cc. I wish i could but it is so much tedious work. I am however willing to share with you after it is done. I will let you know and provide you with a download link ok! I am so glad you like my creations and thanks for your lovely comment!

      1. Yea I completely understand. I just can’t get over the quality of the dishes, bed, makeup, etc. I seen the original but it’s nothing like yours. 🙂 Thank you so much I look forward to it and anything else you chose to share with us! Shoot wish I was as talented as you.

  2. Hi Helen
    Wonderful works on your site!.
    May I ask where I coukld find the towels you used in this entry?

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