Late at Night & Bright and Early Bedroom

Here are two recolors of various objects to form a bedroom set. I hope you all like it!

Bed, end table, blanket box and Armoire meshes are by Tinhouse from the Lily Bedroom Set  and available here

Blanket Mesh is by Jonesi and available here

Pillows meshes  are from Jope Sims Bedroom 11 and available here

You can get my recolors here

5 thoughts on “Late at Night & Bright and Early Bedroom

  1. This is so beautiful, and after messing with the downloads for a while today, I just can’t get the bed to show up right in my game. 😦 Instead of the blanket looking nicely folded, it’s messy like in the original mesh. I also can’t find your recolors of the blankets or pillows. Any suggestions? I am running all EP’s except Open for Business and Apartment Life, could that have anything to do with it? Thank you!

  2. OK, I figured out the problem with the pillows–they’re actually cloned from bedroom 11, not bedroom 12. 🙂 The blankets still don’t look like your photo, though, they’re messy and stick out of the bottom of the bed. Thanks in advance for any input you might have, and thanks for the lovely set.

    1. I am so sorry I did not respond sooner. I will check as soon as I go home ans I will let u know how we can fix this issue. I use omsp’s to place objects to where they are supposed to go. I will chexk in game to ser if I will have the same problem. I don’t think it is the missibg expansions because the blankets are base game.

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