What is the world coming to?

I was watching some music videos on YouTube and i stumbled upon and memorial video about Teens being driven to suicide by bullies. I knew of deaths caused by bullying but i had no idea how many lives bullying had taken. I just cried and cried because i have two kids, my 11 yr old son and my 5yr old daughter. No words can describe the pain of those parents who have had to bury their once happy children because some bully finds the need to make themselves feel better by picking apart another human being. I have often wondered where is our humanity? I don’t understand how people especially teens can be so cruel sometimes. What does it matter what brand of clothes you wear or where you are from or if you look different. The most beautiful thing in life is diversity. How boring would the world be if everyone was the same? In the end it doesn’t matter. The clothes and shoes you wear, the money you do and don’t have do not define who YOU ARE!  I wish their was more awareness of this problem because so many lives can be saved. It is scary to send our kids in world not knowing if the will suffer the same thing.  One question, WHY? What has that person done to you to deserve to be called horrible names and picked on? WHY?

(Just a handful of victims claimed by Bulling)

In loving memory of all who’s lives were lost to bulling!

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