New Home

Here is a cute little home i am working on. I hope you all like it.


10 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Another house!! YES YES YES YES YESS!!!! And look at all the stuff I’m like on cloud 9! Gimmie Gimmie Thank you Thank you!!!

  2. I’m sorry but I can’t figure out how to download your lots. I love them soooo much, please help.

    1. Not all of them are for download. Sadly i am still new at uploading lots so the ones that are for download are unfurnished.

    1. I have to learn how to upload fully furnished houses. It is a hassle with all the artist TOU. As soon as i figure that out i will happily upload my fully decorated homes. thanks for your wonderful comment. I will see if i can learn more quickly so i can start fulfilling your request. thanks again for visiting!

  3. Hey ,I was wondering if you could wcif the red stove,chanel make-kit,pastel blue jewelry box. (Really love your designs makes one wanna get them in real life too ^^ )

    1. The Stove :–stove/id/816881/
      Chanel makeup kit: I am almost certain that it’s from Cassandre but i cannot locate any of her Downloads. I will check mine but it will be a bit because i am currently sorting thru them because my game is crashing so i have to see where the conflict files are.
      The blue jewelry box:–deco/id/1037592/

      And thanks so much for your lovely comment. I am so happy you like my style

  4. Hey,I was wondering if you could wcif for me the red stove,Chanel Make-up kit and the pastel jewelry box :). [the way you decorate makes one wanna get it in real life too ^^ ]

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