One apartment, two looks!

I was bored and i decided to decorate one small apartment with two looks. I hope you all like both looks.

Look 1:

Look 2:



36 thoughts on “One apartment, two looks!

    1. That’s mine too! I love white on white with an accent color. You can see it in most of my pics! I love white and blues!

  1. May I ask where you found the white recolour of Anye’s library card catalog cabinet
    in photo 4? I have looked for it and found many recolours (green, blue etc.) at Black Pearl, but no white. =(

  2. Omg, your reply was so fast! Thank you so much ❤ I love everything you make… and your homes are so beautiful. Thanks again.

      1. You’re AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing this with us! Now to go on a download spree wee!! 😀 *Cartwheels*

  3. Hi Helen, I love both looks and cannot decide on one. Could you please tell me where you got the lovely staircase featured in Look 1? Thanks so much.

      1. Thank you so much!!! I love your creations, you really are very good! :-)) And, sorry for my english, is not very good 😉

  4. Helen,
    Sorry to bother again on this one but could you share the link for the kitchen cupboards and dining set in the second apartment? Thanks in advance.

    1. The counters are just regular white recolor but i am not sure which file it is because i have thousands of files so it would take forever to locate the exact recolor but mostly every recolorist has a white recolor. I can make you the all white recolor and uplaod it to you if you want. The table is here

      Thank god for BPS! I had to post a WCIF in order to find the mesh and recolor.

      1. Sorry to put you through the trouble:( So I just figured out that it’s Buggy’s shakerlicious kitchen in white! Silly me. Sims2artists have many recolours including the white. Thanks for the offer though and for the table link. Take care:)

  5. Hello dear ! I’m amazed with so much talent ! Our ! Your recolors and interiors are perfectly decorated ! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! If you allow me I would like to ask you three items:
    Picture 1 – Flower in the laboratory tub
    Picture 6 – Mirror
    Last Picture – white chairs.
    I apologize for wanting both of these items , but your decorations are so perfect that I was drooling over them! Hope you can help me ! I thank you and I’m waiting ! kisses

  6. Thanks Very much ! You’re a love ! Take this opportunity to ask you : what settings you use in Photoshop to make your photos look so real ? Please , I beg you! Ah time I try to leave my images with this incredible look … But do not get even close! Teach me how do you do ?

    1. I use fraps to take the screenshots and i use Topaz plugins for photoshop. I use mostly the Clarity plugin and the The Clean 3 Plugin to achieve most of the looks.

  7. I absolutely love these! At the end of Look one there is a photo of the wire outdoor set. I’m wondering where I can download it. thanks!

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