A little something!

I have been having some problems with my Sims 2 Game ever since i switched to windows 8, So until i fix it i have been playing with the Sims 3. Here is some pics i want to share with you guys. I hope you all like it!

They pics look a little ba but i have yet to install Photoshop on my computer to tweak a little.


6 thoughts on “A little something!

  1. DO you recommend the new windows 8? I want to get it but if you’re having sims trouble with it than I dunno if I want to take that risk! I do love what you done with this place sometimes I wish TS2 items could look this realistic or that TS3’s buy mode wasn’t so annoying!

      1. I have searched and searched but i can’t seem to find these owl pics. I will continue to search until i find them for you.

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