Hey There!

I am still alive! i have been trying to fix my TS2 game with no success. I am so bummed. I can install the base game but i cannot continue from there. Good news is that i can still recolor base game objects. I have some upcoming recolors for Christmas, so stay tuned! Here is some pictures of a shabby chic cottage i am working on. I hope you all like what i have done so far.

7 thoughts on “Hey There!

  1. Hey Helen! I’ve been gone for a while too, and now I am back to see you’re awesome creations and furnishings! That’s so weird about your Sims 2 but if you need any *Cough* sims 2 games let me know. I remember back when I first got windows 7 it would save my sims 2 EA Games document folder in 2 places even though it was only installed in one. I had to go through the other one and take everything out then hide the folder but still kept the second EA Games folder. Sounds weird and complicating but it made my game work again. That and going through and deleting corrupted files from using Sims Categorizer since I’m OCD about objects and literally recategorize every object I get. Oh, and I’ve even ran into a problem once when I had to delete the desktop icon for the game, and copy the one from the last EP and paste that .exe onto my desktop. Did the trick a few times. Anyways I hope your game starts working soon! I’m very sorry to hear that it is not working! We’re in opposite boats cause it’s my sims 3 that’s giving me gray hair with all the updating and what not for each EP and download. I swear I wanna just throw the game out the window and run it over!

    But this is very beautiful you make me want to give the Sims 3 another try so I can fill it with pretties like you do. 😀 Thanks for still coming back to your fabulous site! You know how much I love coming here to see what you’re upto!

    1. Awww! Thanks so much for your support! I got this very awesome site if you have a *Cough, Cough* legal game that will help with the Sims 3 game. The most amazing fix ever! 9i had no problems with the Sims 3 after! But i have brand new copies of all TS2 games and still nothing! I am still waiting on a fix.

  2. will you post a cc list for this please??? id love to know where you got the rocking chair and all the things on top of the dresser (the dresser with the hat), and also the products next to the sink. its all gorgeous Thanks!!!

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