Request for Pam Part I

Here are some recolors of Pocci’s Grant Park Curtains converted by talented  Tinkle. Pam i hope i did your request justice.

(The left and right versions of this curtain were unable to be recolored as soon as they are recolorable i will recolor those and update this post)


Converted Curtain Meshes by Tinkle here

Original TS3 mesh by Pocci Here

Get Recolors here


7 thoughts on “Request for Pam Part I

    1. I re downloaded the new files and they still weren’t recolorable. But i let Tinkle know. She is sick and would work on this issue when she felt better. But hey, i can wait. 🙂 Thanks so much, btw i am a huge fan of your work. Amazing creations!

      1. That’s strange. I checked the left and right curtains in my game and they all have recolors. The date on the mesh files I have is 9-16-2013. If needed I could send you those. You could also ask Kim (BPS) about them since she made the recolors I have. (And thank you! <3)

      2. Please, if you can send them i would be very grateful! because the recolors never show for the left and right and i have downloaded the fixed meshes. Thanks!

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