So i was wondering what meshes would you guys want more recolors of? I have the recoloring fever but i am not sure what to recolor. Any suggestions will be welcome!


8 thoughts on “Question?

  1. How about Nemestnaya’s antique scroll chair from her Pretty in Pink set? Or Buggy’s planters? I’m really looking for red planters. Hard to find…AnYe’s Riviera patio set comes in nothing but blah colors. As you can tell, it’s spring here and I’m having loads of real and Sim landscaping fun! That being said, I now have over 9 gig of files…sheesh… A LOT of them are yours. You make me happy!

  2. Correction on previous reply. Found some bright recolors of the Riviera set. It seems I only had blah colors. There were others out there. Don’t want to upset anyone….

  3. Wow! You were in a recoloring mood! The patio set and planters are just awesome! Thank you so much! Blessings, Katherine

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