Cute House

Here is a cute house i finished decorating, I hope you all like it!

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18 thoughts on “Cute House

  1. It’s so cute! Love the messy closet! Are you OMSP happy? My opinion…best Sims object ever, especially Silent Lucidity’s. I could kiss her…or him… Where I live Mesquite trees are everywhere and multi- trunked, so I just put three trees together into one with angled omsps. It turned out great! Too cool. I must ask where you got that awesome fringed umbrella? Anyway, I’m rambling. Love your house! Blessings, Katherine
    P.S. Have you recolored any dish sets for your houses?

  2. Hi Twinkie! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I spent mine with the flu. Yuck.
    As for the dishes, the sets I use most are Mira Leyris dishes, Shino&KCR dishes, both TSR. Pocci Marguerite dishes and Hokad47 from Sims2Artists kitchen clutter slaved to Mira Grupsa teapot. These are all wonderful. So…if you’re feeling bored…LOL. Blessings, Katherine

  3. Sorry to bug you again, but could you please tell me where you got the kitchen sink above? I have Katvip’s memory series sink which is similar but grungy. Been looking for the one you have for an hour now and I give up….sigh…Blessings, Katherine

      1. Perfect! Thank you so much. I never would have thought about looking at Sims2Artists. Doesn’t seem like their style…you know? Found out I would have had better luck if I had spelled Kativip right. Sigh… I need to go to bed. It’s after four here. But I am so insane I just downloaded an entire house with 1500 cc objects just to get the tub. I need help….LOL

      2. LOL! i know the feeling. i spend about 3 hours a day looking for cc, and what i can’t find i recolor myself. It is an addiction for me!

      3. You know..when I was a little girl my mother used to take me to the wallpaper store. It was a nightmare of boredom and I swore when I grew up I would never look at another wallpaper book again. I have never bought or used it. Now I spend hours looking for just the perfect wallpaper for a pixel house! I’m turning into my Mom! Aaaaaagh…..

      4. My downloads folder has an even 11gig and I’ve been cleaning it out! I really need to sit down and go through my walls and floors. I have so many they are getting confusing. I give up and go looking for something new, download it and find out I already had it. Frustrating. But this is going to be a monster job and I’m dreading doing it. I’ve got 2tb storage also so I can put it off…LOL Well, off to make dinner…the real world invades. Hah! Blessings, Katherine

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