Cute bathroom i finished

Here is a bathroom i finished decorating today. I  hope you all like it!

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6 thoughts on “Cute bathroom i finished

  1. Oh my god ! I’m so in love with this bathroom ! Where did you get those amazing things ? ❤

    1. Thanks so much Agata, The wood Block Tables are by Nanu and Converted to TS2 by Evanesco here , The Ship mesh is by Tinhouse here , Recolor is here by 13Pumpkin , Bigger Plant is by Nanu here , They other plant is by Wallsims of Set Ever and you can get it here , Coral is here by Windkeeper, White box mesh is a conversion by Veranka here , Recolor is by MsTeaQueen here , The Vase mesh by Soloyo is here , Recolor by MsTeaQueen is here, the shower curtain is a recolor i did which is available here . Some rest of the plants are from Simplystyling and the vanity is an unreleased recolor by me. If you want a specific item let me know and i would gladly tell you were to get it! Many Hugs!

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