Nengi65 Simple Curtain Recolors

Here are some recolors of this beautiful curtain. I hope you all like them. Thanks for the idea Katherine!

Nengi Simple Curtains

Mesh by Nengi65 is included.

Get Recolors here


8 thoughts on “Nengi65 Simple Curtain Recolors

  1. Are you sure you’re not OCD? LOL My goodness that was quick and they are gorgeous! Thank you! Now step slowwwwly away from the computer…..hah! You have a great weekend! Blessings, Katherine

    1. LOL! My computer is my life second to my children. I try to take a rest but i swear i can hear her calling me to get on. She looks so lonely on my desk! LOL Just kidding. My day is long and my kids are at school so i clean and jump on the computer. it’s my escape and hobby if you will. I knew you would like them! enjoy!

      1. If I didn’t have the Sims to play I would go crazy. I was a stay at home Mom too. I raised four boys and the last one left home last year. This empty nest thing bites. The house doesn’t even get dirty! Except for directly around wherever my husband is sitting, or wherever Jonah, my dog, is tearing up his latest conquest. LOL Takes about an hour in the morning( about as long as it takes to load my game) and then what??? The Sims 2 that’s what! I played Sims1 for years, had them all. I didn’t even start with 2 until all of the expansions were out. But Sims 3 seems to have removed all of the stuff I like about the Sims 2 so I’m stopping here. I think just about everyone who plays this game is OCD. It’s the perfect thing for us nit-picking detail oriented, file -pushing, nutjobs. THIS I can control…..heh heh. I can send you pics. Do I just embed the links in a reply? Or email them to you separately? Let me know! Blessings, Katherine

  2. Hello! I’ve been reading the comments above and I TOTALLY understand the game being what keeps you from going crazy, I’m a semi-empty nester, my oldest still lives at home, but my youngest is 3000 miles away in Virginia in the Navy! Plus my husband and I and our oldest son all work together! So the stress levels at our house after work can be a tiny bit high! If I couldn’t escape into my game… wow…it would not be pretty. I too have been at this since sims 1 and had all the packs, sometimes I’d love to play it again, but some of the disks have been lost or damaged( that’s what you get when you share your disks with your young niece!!) But once the S2 came out that was it, I was hooked! I’m not even interested in S3 or S4 unless it offer’s something REALLY SPECTACULAR. Just have to wait and see! Plus I’ve Invested A LOT of time and money into S2 to give it up that quick!

    1. Oh i know what you mean guys. My children are still young, my oldest being 13 and my youngest being 6, but with everyday stress and the job situation down here in Florida is not to good, so i play sims all the time so i don’t focus on the negative. Sims 3 sucks! I have all the expansions for The sims 3 and i just can’t seem to keep my focus on it, I am a Sims 2 all the way person. It is such a shame that all the CC sites for Sims 2 are slowly closing. Makes me sad.

      1. Hi everyone, real life got me. But I’m back in the Sim world, hah! I know what you mean about the strain of marriage when the kids leave. It’s perfectly normal, and you do get through it. The first time my youngest left home he went from Tucson, Arizona to Saito, Japan. He was awarded a full scholarship to the University there and was living with a host family. I hated every minute of it, especially when he was caught in that monster earthquake and tsunami. We lost track of him for days because there was no power. The Japanese government rounded up all of the American Students and tried to get them home. It took another 52 hours and five airplanes before we saw him. A total nightmare.
        His father and I had been having difficulty adjusting, but that brought the family together as a whole. Our son was a mess too. He was at school when it hit and he had never ever been in an earthquake before and this was one of the worst in history. He had nightmares, the screaming shaking kind, and the doctor said he was in shock. He said all anyone could do was hold on and scream. I got him back for awhile, but then he met Wen. So now, he just turned twenty-five, he has two bachelors and is going for his masters and he married this beautiful girl from China and I NEVER see him. Seriously we’re in the same town and I haven’t seen him since Christmas. I blame his father for his independence. How dare he let him grow up! aaaghgh… LOL Treasure those babies Helen, we don’t get to keep them very long. Anyway, I’m finding the Sims are fulfilling my creative needs and I’ve met a great community of people to talk to online. If I didn’t, I probably would have knocked my husband senseless by now. LOL Just kidding. As for Sims 3? I listened to what others had to say and it seems all of the stuff I like about the Sims 2 was removed. Only one family? How bad does that suck? Anyway, although Helen says rambling is just fine, I think this is long enough. Blessings, Katherine

      2. LOL! OMG Katherine, i am so happy your son is safe and happy. My cousin is in the navy and they were stationed there after the tsunami and earthquake and he said it was just heartbreaking. My heart goes out to all those survivors.

  3. Woooowwww.Katherine, really glad to hear your son is much better! One of My sisters in law is Japanese and thankfully none of her family was in the area.But oh the devastation, my god there are no words enough for that!!

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