50 Tumblr Followers Gift


50 Followers Gift II

Small gift celebrating 50 Followers! Thanks so much each and everyone of you! Love you all!!! Happy Simming!

Thanks so much Ipvinyl21 for sharing your Anthro textures with me! You rock!

Meshes by Snarkyshark and Jope.

Rug by Jope Mesh here http://www.simplystyling.de/homesims2.html ( Mesh is in the Deco section page 2 )

Coventry Sofa mesh by Snarkyshark here http://sims2artists.com/index.php?topic=3998.0

Get recolors here http://htorres1982.tumblr.com/



8 thoughts on “50 Tumblr Followers Gift

  1. Lovely as usual! One problem though, I don’t know which rug mesh is the right one. The link you provided doesn’t go to it. Help? Blessings, Katherine

      1. I didn’t think it would be the zebra rug because of the shape. So I got a bit confused. I’ve got them now and I have big plans for the yellow rug. So much fun. I’m doing the trailer park contest over at BPS and I just downloaded a rusty propane tank and an overflowing dumpster. How’s that for lovely? LOL Blessings, Katherine

      2. LOL! Love it! I love ALL clutter! Were did you get the propane tank, i did the Inspire contest white pearl entry.

      3. I got it at JenniSims. You have to register though(free). Hope you speak Spanish, it will make it easier. She has a whole set called urbants2, under descargas. I don’t know how to recolor stuff but I do like the decorating contests. I did the Lovely Landscaping Challenge. Under Katherine1221. I had a blast doing it but didn’t even place I don’t think. The other designers were as good at this as you are. I don’t care I just like to join in. My style is a bit different, I was born and raised in the desert Southwest so what I like is a bit culturally and environmentally different from the other entrants. Plus I’m heavily into real-life settings. Not too pretty but homey and familiar. Right now I’m building my own town, Valle de la Luna. It’s theme is Arizona desert junction town on the Maxis Sedona map, and this trailer park will fit right in. LOL. Blessings,Katherine

      4. Ok thanks, luckily i understand Spanish! I also like homey and realistic decor. I am very eclectic in my tastes but i tend to go towards shabby chic and modern. Idk, my tastes are just weird. But i decorate for me, it relaxes me. Don’t worry i have been in many contests and i haven’t gotten one vote but i still do them occasionally. It’s all about the fun.

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