Bathroom I finished

Here is a bathroom for a house i am decorating, not sure how to describe the decor but whatever, i like it! I hope you do too!

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12 thoughts on “Bathroom I finished

  1. Hi Helen! Could you tell me where you got the sink? You find such cool stuff! Blessings, Katherine

    1. Oh i am so sorry! I was away helping my mother move…. I just got in today. I will let u know tomorrow about that sink! Sorry!

      1. No worries. I was hoping no one was ill. There’s a lot of that going on around here. Like we have a year round flu season now. Moving? I suggest a long hot bath and sleep for ten hours. I hate moving. Blessings, Katherine

      2. I have that sink! I have it in a collection. I just never thought it would look so good on a counter. LOL Enjoy your day! Blessings, Katherine

  2. Hello again. Another gorgeous design! you really are too good. more questions I’m afraid. where do you get those gorgeous doors?! and the counter the sink is on….thanks in advance! 😀

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