Ireland4Brains and SnarkyShark Recolors!

This are some recolors i wanted to share with you guys! i hope you all like them.






Coventry Sofa Mesh by SnarkyShark is here

Ireland4Brains Vintage enamel Table Mesh is here

(Sorry i took so long for your request Katherine!)

Get Recolors here

11 thoughts on “Ireland4Brains and SnarkyShark Recolors!

  1. Thank you! They’re wonderful! Your idea of along time and my idea of a long time differ somewhat. I thought this was damn fast, considering you were helping your Mom move, and that it would have taken me MONTHS to get it done myself. Okay, okay, I never would have done it, LOL You have a wonderful day and I’m going to go see which one looks best in my pink kitchen! Blessings, Katherine

      1. Thank you! I originally thought I would use the yellow table because the kitchen is pink and yellow, but the patchwork pink was so cute with those chairs that I didn’t even try the yellow! This is Esperanza’s house, and it’s a double wide trailer on an owned lot. A hoot to build. Hope you’re having a good day! Blessings, Katherine

      2. It looks great! I normally don’t do pink in a kitchen but i was pleasantly surprised Can’t wait to see more!

      3. This is the first pink kitchen I have ever done. I was going for a late50’s-early 60’s feel and I fell in love with the washer dryer set and went from there. I was as surprised as you are at how cute it turned out. I was so disappointed when I lost my trailer park that I decided to add a couple of individual trailers to my town. I’ll upload more pics when I can. Got a busy real-life day today.
        Blessings, Katherine

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