Neigborhood Pics

Here are some pics i wanted to share with you guys of a neighborhood i am working on. So far i have finished some homes and most of the landscaping around the hood. Hope you all like it so far.

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9 thoughts on “Neigborhood Pics

  1. This is very nice! Did you build all of those apartment buildings yourself? Do townies rent them? I have never made an apt. building before and I always wondered if I had to make people for all of them. The Marina is wonderful. Does the bus line work? It would be cool to have public transportation. Wait, is this a Sims 3 neighborhood? Stop babbling Katherine. Anyway, great neighborhood. Blessings!

    1. Most of the buildings you see in the pics are just neighborhood deco. I have build a lot of lots but i haven’t posted any pics of them yet. I have been sick with the stomach flu and haven’t had any time yet to post more pics but i will soon. Sadly the marina and bus transportation are all neighborhood deco. This is a Sims 2 neighborhood. No worries babble away!

  2. It looks lovely Helen, What World or Terrain are you using? I love the Marina and bus shelters and football field, wonderful.

  3. I guess I need to start looking at the neighborhood deco! I always figure I have to build it myself and I end up with a huge ‘visit community lots’ list. This would fix at least some of that. Anyway, your neighborhood is lovely. Blessings, Katherine

    1. LOL! I was the same way. But i have been looking at all the wonderful neighborhoods people make and i decided Hey i can do it too. LOL…. I am always learning. Thanks so much Katherine!

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