More of one with nature

Here is another two rooms i finished. Here is the kitchen and dinigroom of the house i am working on. I hope you all like it!

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17 thoughts on “More of one with nature

  1. Adorei o visual dessa cozinha, você tem muito talento para decorar.
    Onde eu posso conseguir esses móveis?

    1. Eu não terminei com a casa ainda, mas se você me envie seu e-mail eu vou compartilhar com você uma vez que eu sou feito.

  2. Once again you’ve outdone yourself!! Really lovely! Did you recolor the “Manor House Stove” in that cool shade of sage green!? If not, where did you find that??? I’ts so pretty! THANK YOU for sharing all your cool rooms and houses with us all, they’re such an inspiration!

  3. wow. I feel like a dope. I’ve HAD these colors all along! I just never used anything but white, black or sometimes red!! such a dope.(LOL) Now I’ll go take a look at using MORE than just those!jeeezzz…dope. :D!!

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