Quick Question

Anyone has any requests or ideas on what to recolor? I am so out of ideas right now but i want to recolor!


6 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. Hello! I read your question this morning and have been thinking all day about it! (in a good way) So how about some recolors of Phoenix Phaerie’s Manor house set…any of it. Or her Tuscan Kitchen set? If you could get the handles on the doors/drawers to be silver instead of gold colored that alone would be GREAT! These are just suggestions, if you don’t feel inspired to do them that’s cool. I may think of other stuff and I’m SURE that there will be others who come up with some great ideas too! I Can hardly wait to see what’s next!! Have fun!

  2. Hello again! I’m glad I’m not the only one who disliked the handles on the tuscan set! It’s a very nice kitchen… but the colors of the handles..YIKES. I also thought of 2 more sets that have limited recolors and I’m not sure if you have them (or if you’d like them!) One is by CASHCRAFT from TSR(I know! but they do have some nice stuff, and now that it’s free…) It’s her CHLOE set ..MsTeaQueen over at BPS made some really nice recolors for me last year and I think she may have made them repository too. If some different textures were used on the sofa set it might look less plastic I wonder about a suede texture or flannel, maybe velvet??? I don’t know!! Anyhoo, there’s also the HARLEM set by PADRE also at TSR. It’s a fairly new set, and is mid century modern, it’s got some really great stuff in the set and VERY few recolors, So anything you chose would be fantastic!! I’m really surprised that so far I’m the only one who’s thought of anything!!?? I figured you’d be overwhelmed with ideas! Every one must be thinking REALLY hard!:) I hope i’ve given you some good ideas. THANK YOU.

    1. Thanks so much for the ideas! I will definitely see what i can do. I have to go to Orlando this weekend but i am already starting on those recolors. I will upload next week.

  3. Hello again! I hope you are/have enjoyed your trip to Orlando! I have a challenge for you! I don’t know if you have Mansion and Garden but if you do then you KNOW how cool the Second Empire set is and truly AWFUL the colors are! ANYTHING would be an improvement.

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