Reclaimed Home

Here is another home i am working on. It is sort of a reclaimed modern mix. I don’t really know what to classify the style in, but it’s very me. I hope you all like it so far.

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22 thoughts on “Reclaimed Home

  1. Omg!!!!! This is so pretty and comfy house.. You’re a very great and talented designer 😄 i’m hoping by any chance i can download this house and have it in my sims 2. Can i?? ☺️

    1. This is a wonderful blend of styles, very much my taste too; any chance you would also let me know when it is available for download? ospiosis/gmail

  2. Ow … What a shame ! I hate when that happens ! Makes you want to break the PC Arghhh … So beautiful … and now wasted ! But congratulations on your talent and keep it up !

    1. Thanks! I decorate the upper level like four times and it crashed every time. I could not figure it out. All my lots work except that one. Sucks because that house was one of my faves.

  3. Something that works for me when a house gets corrupted; I move the lot in game so the mailbox and roads go back to their default places. I then package the lot for upload, with furnishings. Exit game, open the package with clean installer and deselect everything but the lot file, and install it to the houses bin. Back in the game delete the old lot and replace it with the one in the houses bin.

  4. Hi Helen. My name is Chanda. First let me start by saying that the decorating that you do is amazing. I decorate my sims 2 homes based on everything that you do. if you don’t mind me asking, where is the greenery from that you use on your dinig tables. It is a beautiful accent piece. Thanks in advance.

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