Part II of my Reclaimed House

Part II of my Reclaimed House, i managed to take these pics before my freaking game crashed. So pissed…… Idk what to do….. I have decorated this room like 4 times and it crashes when i try to save it!!!! That hasn’t happened to me in ages. Urgggg now i have to see what is causing this issue. I have no problems with any other lots. Oh well, sorry for rambling on.

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7 thoughts on “Part II of my Reclaimed House

  1. This house is BEAUTIFUL! I’s be pissed too if I lost it once let alone 4 times!!! Keep up the great,wonderful,fantastic…frustrating:) work! Your site brings a smile to all who visit it!!!

    1. Thanks so much!!!! It sucks having to do it over and over again but i wish i took pics before i saved of the previous decorated room so u guys could see them, but ohh well!

  2. I’m so envious of your house building skill and decorating skill! Your game looks so lively and fun! I sometimes have that problem with saving, basically I just go to the neighborhood when I want to save a lot, yeah it’s a little more time consuming, but I really don’t want the lots I work on to crash, in the future I shall look into it, but for now my game loads fairly quick! Hope you get it figured out!

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