Moar Late Christmas gifts

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Ytterbium Living by Wondymoon Converted by Veranka Mesh Here

Mysticrain Tea&Coffee Leather Armchair Mesh Here

Nemestnaya’s Jack Pillow Mesh Here

Download Recolors Here

One thought on “Moar Late Christmas gifts

  1. Welcome back!! Sorry to read that you’ve been having problems! Hope your Holidays were happy! And even late gifts are still welcome! Your stuff is always worth waiting for! I have a request (but only if you’re up for it) do you have both of VERANKA’s 3t2 kitchens BONATE and NEW VINTAGE ? And Phoenix Phaerie’s MANOR HOUSE kitchen? I LOVE these kitchens and TRY to mix/match them but they’re just not quite there…could you PLEASE,PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE (not above a little begging :D)make some recolors that MATCH??? I would love a soft yellow and the Bonate set has a really nice light blue that would be nice to match the other two sets and some counter tops like the white marble in the manor house set and ANYTHING\COLORS that you’d like!! I’m really glad your back and this kitchen thing has been bugging the crap out of me for weeks since the Bonate set came out. THANK YOU so much for letting me vent/ask you this!

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