Moar Random Recolors

Here are some moar random recolors for you guys. Karlene i hope you like the countertops. I tried to make some more recolors of the counter bottoms but they would not come out the way i wanted them to. I hope you don’t mind.

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Mira’s spring Pillow Mesh Here

Pyszny16’s  Bonate Kitchen Conversion by Veranka Here

Used Goat’s Wood Textures Here

DL Recolors Here


8 thoughts on “Moar Random Recolors

  1. Maxis never looked so good. I might actually use that sofa now! So I just downloaded a whole new kitchen,,,,your fault…I never saw it before, must have come about when I was ill. Now I have to go make some room for it. sigh….the plight of the hoarder simmer…..That’s okay, I have a few kitchen sets just taking up catalog space that I never seem to use. Have a wonderful day!

    1. LOL! Thanks so much, you know the same thing happens to me with Moxxa. Everytime i see her tumblr i see new DL’s and my DL folder starts crying because it’s so full.

  2. Great stuff! I really love the green print on the sofa! The counter tops are really good and It’s too bad the counters are giving you fits, but I know you’ll figure it out, those of us who wait for your stuff are NEVER disappointed and whatever you come up with i’m sure will be awesome! No worries! Have fun with it and don’t stress out! 🙂

    1. Thanks, it’s that light colors look really bad. You can do dark colors and they turn out perfect but for some reason the lights don’t turn up nice at all. It was so annoying. I tried different ways to no avail. Oh well i will keep trying anyway.

  3. hmmm.. odd I wonder why? You’d think it wouldn’t be an issue, but they are MAXIS meshes so WHO KNOWS ?! Dark colors are fine as long as the handles and counter tops are all the same, just being able to mix the 3 sets consistently is the thing!

    1. The ones in the picture are from veranka’s conversion Bonate kitchen. The rest are pretty easy but those have been a pain in my ass. I have no idea why….usually light colors are pretty easy to pull off. Idk… but i will continue to try.

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