Modernized Maxis Club Sofa

Here are some modern recolors of this classic Maxis sofa. I hope you all like it!

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Basegame Compatible

DL recolors here


4 thoughts on “Modernized Maxis Club Sofa

  1. I just love it when you take something fugly and make it wonderful. The blue one is going in the house I’m working on now. I wanted a deep rich color to work with and this is it! Yeah!!! Thank you!

  2. Check this out…
    I have never seen the Manor House kitchen in a good wood before. Here’s the download link in case you want it:
    Her other kitchens are nice too. I never saw this site until yesterday and now I have to make room for loads of stuff. She also has some beachy recolors of BB’s kitchen that are awesome. Here’s the site url. Have fun! I am.
    Sorry if I’m bugging you, it’s just fun to share once in awhile. Blessings, Katherine

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