Part II New Apartment

Here is the Master Bedroom of the new apartment i am working on. Hope you all like it!

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6 thoughts on “Part II New Apartment

  1. I just came across your website recently and I absolutely love everything about this room! Are the items in the pictures still available for download? I noticed the Black Pearl Sims website is no more. 😦
    I was also unable to download the mesh for the curtains. I really love all of your CC, your details are just beautiful. I want to live in this room!

  2. Hello! I just discovered your site recently and I’m completely in love with all your designs. 🙂
    I’m wondering if you have the meshes for the curtains and the bed linens in this post? I tried to get the contempto curtain mesh from sims2artists, but the download doesn’t seem to want to work. I also tried to check out blackpearlsims, but it looks like that site isn’t up anymore. I just love everything about this room, I want to live in it!

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