Anyone know how to make TS2 work in Windows 8? I am at my wits end….. Had no choice but to change operating systems since i could no longer see my other hardrive with windows 7. Now i can’t get the Sims 2 to install past University. Urggggggg! I am pulling my freaking hair out by the roots!


25 thoughts on “F***k!!!!!!

  1. First of all, breathe…..I am hanging on to Win 7 for dear life. You can take your computer to a local shop and get them to load win 7 for you. Probably cost you about $200 for the software and installation but then you OWN it. You can load it on any computer you want. Or…you can buy your own copy. Ebay has new copies for around 70 bucks + free shipping. If you know how to format and reinstall I would go that way. In short Win 8 sucks. For everything, not just the Sims. My husband has it and it kills flight simulator too, and it’s a Microsoft game for Pete’s sake. Crashes every time he tries to save. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but I honestly the only way I can think of to fix it is to get rid of it. Blessings, Katherine

  2. I just got win 8 but it came with a new computer with bigger hard drive, better graphics card and triple the memory. I installed, uninstalled and reinstalled all the packs with no problem. I’m sorry your having trouble but I know it can work. Keep trying. Maybe it’s something else.

      1. Okay, I think you may have had the same problem I have had before, and if it is, you need to manually uninstall the game, even in your registry files. Uninstall everything you have and then follow these instructions: http://simswiki.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Uninstall
        Scroll down to the instructions to delete the sims registry keys still left on your computer. If you have CCleaner, use that too. It’s a free program. Use the registry cleaner option and tell it to fix everything it comes up with. Sometimes when installing, the game screws up, but it leaves stuff in your registry that is corrupt and won’t let you reload. I know this sounds really complicated but it’s not I assure you. Try this, and if this is what I think it is, you can reinstall without issues. I so hope this works for you. Wish I lived close, I am my family’s computer tech and for some reason I seem to be really good at it. Good luck! I’ll keep checking this all day in case you have any questions.

  3. I think you’re stuck on installing University because there’s some left over corrupt Sim files in your registry. Fix that and maybe it will load for you. This is an old issue with Sim games clear back to win98. At least I hope that’s the problem. Personally, I would make every effort to get back to Win 7. Try doing what I outlined in my last post and see if it changes anything. I want to help you. It’s a way of giving back for all the wonderful things you do for me and for others in the Sim community.
    Blessings, Katherine

  4. Have you had any luck at all? I hope so. Now for the bummer… Did you hear about BPS closing???? I am so upset about this. This IS my community and frankly the only real social life I have. Yeah, I’m that sad. I can’t believe this…it sucks….big time.

    1. No, i haven’t had any luck with anything…..Sucks! Then you tell me about BPS! I am so shocked and so sad. I know there are tons of us out there that only play TS2. I just don’t understand!

      1. I don’t get it either, and I’ve been upset all day. Frankly there are more Sims 2 sites out there than 3. I’ve already donated to this fund drive on February 1st, and I would do it again if I thought it would do any good. But they say they will use any new donations to do their ‘invite only’ forum. I don’t even know if I’ll get an invite so…WTF? It’s not like I have money to throw around and in US dollars it’s a close to $8.00.
        What I’m trying to figure out is they say downloads are costing them, but all the files I download are posted on free sites, even the pics are posted on free sites, so where’s the money going? How much bandwidth could there be for links? But I’ve never run a forum before so who knows? I wish they would accept advertising or something and keep it open. Maybe even charge a small yearly fee to join. Those of us who donate are already paying anyway. But that would come too close to being a paysite, and we all know how they feel about that. Oh well…Now I guess we just wait and see.
        I hope you figure out your computer problem. Personally I would go out on Ebay and get a copy of win 7 then look for that neighborhood kid that was born with a mouse in his hand to load it for you. LOL Anyway, try to have a nice evening…oh wow, morning…Blessings, Katherine

  5. Hey girl! Have you got it working yet? I have this horrible image of you with big clumps of hair torn out of your head and steam coming out your ears. LOL Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, then burned it…. My husband used to say, “why do you bother with this game?”, when I was close to screaming over one glitch or another. My response, “I will not be defeated by pixel people!” Good news about BPS huh? Invite only apparently means active members. Well I am sure as hell active. On it everyday! Hope things are going well. We miss you. Katherine

      1. I am so happy! Going on a recolor frenzy! I just downloaded The Sims 2 Ultimate collection and installed it and presto! Working!

  6. I find your blog a long time ago and intended to leave a comment a while ago but…
    I´m a big fan and love your decor and I have downloded many recolors.
    A big thank you and I´ll try to do better. (Sorry for my bad english.

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