Minimal Living

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13 thoughts on “Minimal Living

  1. This is lovely. I always kind of wondered how one would use the harp furniture set. I’ve looked at it a couple of times but my imagination appears to be much more limited that yours. LOL Anyway, I really like this. I would also like to know where you got the desert mountain painting. Reminds me of home(I’m from Tucson, AZ) and I would really like to have it. Blessings, Katherine

      1. Got it. Thank you! I was thinking about trying a minimalist house, but then the country kitchen contest came up and I got busy on that. LOL. Now the country garden contest….woo hoo… which has to be something really special because I’m competing with Sims 3 and 4. I wish they would have separate contests for each game. Maybe there just aren’t enough entrants for that. :/ I am a die-hard Sims 2 fan and not about to change. Funny I said that with Sims 1…LOL Played that until every expansion for Sims 2 was out and there was plenty of CC to play with. I still won’t try Sims 3 because of the boneless people. They creep me out….muahaahaa
        Anyway, thanks for the pic. Blessings, Katherine

      2. LOL! I also played every sims game. I love TS2 the best. I like the CC for TS3 but it is too slow when u install all that cc. That is saying a lot because my computer is a monster.

      3. I guess if you were just playing The Sims to decorate, then Sims 3 wouldn’t be so bad. But I play with people and the game mechanics of Sims 3 ruined that for me. Sims 4, I don’t know much about, but once again the people all look like they were created by Dreamworks as extras for a Shrek movie. No bone structure. I guess they remind me the most of balloon animals. Not people.

        I am, or used to be before my eyes got old, a portrait artist. I like realism, not skin that looks like it came out of an old crayon box. Remember that god awful ‘flesh’ color? Who’s flesh? I ask you? Who looks like an old dried up piece of bubblegum? Certainly not the billions of people with lovely dark melanin. Which unfortunately for me( I live in a desert) I do not have. I’m sorta blue-white and freckly and have to hide inside most of the time. That Scottish blood…..

        Anyway, I’m going to stick with what I like, regardless of what is “new” out there. Besides, I’m a pretty laid back person and I’m used to the world moving on down the road without me. I’m fine with it. Enjoy your day! I’ve got to go pill my dog. He has a huge mouth and I’m gonna end up slimed….LOL

      4. No i haven’t played Sims in years. I really do not like TS4. Very creepy! They took all the fun out of decorating.LOL! I am tan and i wish i were more pale. Since i am from Puerto Rico. But most of my family is white with blonde and red hair and green and blue eyes. But not me i got saddled with my Spaniard roots. LOL! But i do burn easily in the sun. I tend to hide from it, especially here in Florida. I prefer colder places. I have been on medication also, i have a tooth abscess witch got complicated and my face is very swollen. I cant eat or talk, i have been on a liquid diet for 3 days and with my right eye swollen shut due to the inflammation. Feeling very shitty! Have a job interview tomorrow and i really want this job, i am hoping that the swelling is down for tomorrow at least a bit. Then on Friday i have a dentist appointment to see if they can extract the offending tooth. Sucks!!!!!! The medication they gave me for pain makes me so sick, but i have to take it.

      5. Oh wow. I feel for you. Been there, not too long ago, had a tooth go way bad almost instantly. I hate that codone stuff too. Makes my head hurt and makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t know how people get addicted to that garbage. it’s horrible. The nice ting is, as soon as the tooth is out you get better really fast. I’ll pray for you and for your job interview to go well. try to rest. Blessings, Katherine

  2. how do you download stuff on here? i saw you said its under the picture but i dont see anything about downloading…. o.o

    1. The links are usually on the end after all the mesh credits. The exceptions are the lots which i do share privately if u send me your email. (Only have the Minimal Living House as of yet because i had to install Windows 8 due to a hard drive issue with Windows 7)

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