I am still here

Hello everyone, sorry for the long absence, been busy with real life. Moved to a new state and have been getting stettled in but hopefully I’ll be back soon. Happy Thanksgiving!  Love u all!


5 thoughts on “I am still here

  1. Hi! So glad to hear from you! I figured you just got busy with the school year and all. What state did you move to? Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Blessings, Katherine

    1. Thanks so much. I moved to Lockport, NY. It’s so beautiful here. Been working and moving into my new place and busy with the kiddos. You know how it is. How have you been?

      1. I’m doing fine. Now, that is. I adopted a pointer mix puppy from the Humane Society. Beautiful girl. But between her last two puppy shots she actually came down with parvo. We got her through it but it was touch and go for a few days. Very scary. I got her because with the kids gone I seem to sit a lot. She’s healthy now and she does keep me on my toes! Her name is Eva and she’s the light of my life, so my Simming isn’t the complete focus of my day and that’s a good thing. I’m glad you like your new town. I cannot handle the cold(Arizona born and raised) so I would go nuts there. LOL Anyway, enjoy your new beginning! Blessings, Katherine

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