I am from Puerto Rico living in a small town in Kentucky. I am looking to meet people with the same love i have for the Sims 2!


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      1. Hello there,
        I just stumbled on your site, those are beautiful homes that you have decorated. So detailed and lovingly designed. Absolutely beautiful wow!
        now I have a question, can you tell me, where did you get the white apple found, out of the house: “New shabby chic cottage”
        I’d love to have this apple, unfortunately I have no idea where I can find him. Seeking something for so long.

        Can you please help me? you can please tell me where you got the apple? or maybe send me the download?

        that would be so beautiful here before my e-mail address, if you can help me. heitz7@aol.com

        Many thanks in advance!

      2. Hello there,
        I just stumbled on your site, those are beautiful homes that you have decorated. So detailed and lovingly designed. Absolutely beautiful wow!
        now I have a question, can you tell me, where did you get the white apple found, out of the house: “New shabby chic cottage”
        I’d love to have this apple, unfortunately I have no idea where I can find him. Seeking something for so long.

        Can you please help me? you can please tell me where you got the apple? or maybe send me the download?

        that would be so beautiful,
        Many thanks in advance!

  1. Would you like to be my friend on Facebook? (: I believe that we have caman things, hobies. :} Your creativity could ispire me. ❤ see you soon. {:

  2. Hi 🙂
    I am trying to find where to download your sets that at Paegin Sims as the site is gone now 😦 can you help please?

  3. Hello! Your site is just BEAUTIFUL! I have a LOT of your things in my game. I see that you love pillows as much as I do! But some of the meshes that you use I just can’t seem to get them to work. Do you take requests?

      1. Hello! You’re very welcome! Oh fantastic! Do you have simaddict99.s floppy cushion ? If so ANY of the MANY awesome prints I’ve see here would be OUTSTANDING!!! If you don’t have that one, K8’s pillow from PARSIMONIOUS is a good one as well.

  4. Oh my…I’ve been wandering around here, rediscovering some things I had, but lost when I recently re-installed my game and spotted some really pretty shower curtains,could those patterns be put on the MAXIS combo clean shower curtain? You can never find any really pretty recolors of that tub/shower curtain.If not, that’s cool!

  5. Hi Helen! I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for your beautiful recolors, especially the ones in yellow. It is a color not used much by others. I love it. I also enjoy your fabulous artistic design of yours rooms. You are so talented. I look forward to seeing more of your works. Have a wonderful day, as you have brightened mine. 🙂 Theresa (from California, and just moved to Colorado)

    1. Thanks so much Theresa! Your words have made my month! Hands Down!!!! I hope i can continue to deliver! You are awesome!!!!! And Colorado is beautiful!

  6. Hi,I just came back to 2, and am quickly filling up my downloads file. Spent forever here downloading! lol I love everything you do, so beautiful and classy. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to recolor the Jacuster’s Last Stand Sectional Booth from Nightlife, in the beautiful Chevron Colors? I would love one of them to be yellow. Yellow is soooooo hard to find. What I have found is a muddy yellow, not a clean yellow.. I have to tell you, I ‘m re-doing a house, and I completly stole your idea, for the floors (with the chevron stripe.) they are so gorgeous! And I am a greedy one, sorry, but have you thought about recoloring Tinks Grant Park Curtains in the Chevron???? 🙂 Would appreciate anything you do! Oh, and at BPS, I am Mamasplace. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx And thank you so very much for sharing all of you beautiful things.

  7. Oh please, take your time. I am just so grateful that you are doing them! Thank you so much! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I agree with Theresa! It is VERY hard to find Yellow. And if you do, it’s a muddy yellow, not a clear yellow. Your’s are beautiful! xxx

    1. Lol! thanks…. I love those soft colors, i have never been a fan of overly muddy or dark colors as you can see by my pics. I LOVE white with different color accents.

  9. Just wanted to let you know I found the recolors and instantly downloaded them! Thank you sooooooooooo much! They are beyond gorgeous! You should have been a designer, you have the perfect eye for color, patterns and what goes together! Again , thank you so very much! I love, love, love them!!!!! xxxxx

  10. Oláa estou encantada com sua criatividade e bom gosto!
    Gostaria de saber onde fica o link para fazer o download.
    Desde já muito obrigada e parabéns pela perfeição!

    1. Os links para download são uma parte inferior de cada post. Muito obrigado por seu apoio Myllena! É por causa de vocês que eu continuo fazendo o que eu faço! Espero Google traduziu isso corretamente, porque eu não posso ler ou entender português. De qualquer forma, obrigado e tome cuidado!

  11. Hello again! I see you’ve been very busy with spoiling us all! But now that spring is slowly creeping in(at least here in Washington State) would you be able to put some of the bright geometric prints and maybe some bright florals on the floppy pillows and the shower curtain???? THANK YOU!!

  12. Hi, I wanted to contact you privately but could not figure out how. I wanted to use some of your textures for TS3 recolors and wanted to know if that would be ok. If you want to send me a message you can find me at Black Pearl Sims under the name lpvinyl21. Thank you! and I love you work, very lovely indeed!

    1. Yeah sure, i mean none of the textures are mine, i get them all online. BTW i am a HUGEEEE fan of your work!!! Thanks so much for visiting!

  13. I download just about everything you recolor and my houses and Sims appreciate it! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and your wonderful sense of style. I like to look at your rooms for inspiration when I get stuck doing the same old thing…LOL I have a request if it isn’t too much trouble, could you do some recolors of Nemestnaya’s Love set chair? Perhaps to coordinate with your wonderful pillows? I just love this chair but it has very few recolors and all of them are very old-fashioned. I like the mix of an antique chair with modern upholstery. Don’t you? Thanks for listening and I always look forward to your updates. Blessings, Katherine

  14. In case that didn’t get through because of an url I put on it, the set is on BPS- retired Sim creators- Nemestnaya, second set under Pretty in Pink. Blessings, Katherine

  15. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! They are just lovely! Something funny, the table you have them paired with in your pic is the very same table I was going to put them with. This is just wonderful! Off to load my game and finish my dining room.
    Blessings, Katherine

      1. The baby crib set. When I hit the download link, it takes me to MediaCom and asks if I want PaeganSims.

  16. Hi girl! I just have a couple of wcif questions. First, the Shakerlicious counter recolor you have in you “Cute Little Apartment” from Sept. 17, 2012. I’ve tried to find it but cannot. Is it yours? Second, the red wood burning stove in the kitchen of your “new Home” Oct. 6, 2012, this is a MUST have for me and I cannot locate it. Can you help? Blessings, Katherine

  17. Thanks so much for pointing me to the stove! I found the counter recolors. They are Lorisha from Silenthope Sims, now defunct. If you want to get them back, go to BPS and search the WCIF archives for an entry thread titled Thread: Several Items Mostly from Ms. TeaQueen’s Album, from June, 13, 2013 , last entry page one MsTeaQueen has uploaded all a whole lovely set of Lorisha’s shakerlicious recolors and yours was in there along with some other lovely recolors. I would post a direct link but I don’t think I’m supposed to here. Hope I helped! Blessings, Katherine

  18. Hi Helen, just wanted to know if you have recolored Nengi’s simple kitchen curtains? On your Tumbler or something? I’ve been looking through your multitude of curtains and I’m gettin’ dizzy…LOL Also, since you spend three hours a day searching for CC, where’s the best place to find halfwalls? Seems to be an awful shortage of those. Blessings, Katherine

  19. Hi Helen! I had the MTS wall but the others I didn’t. I love the shelf topped walls, and the minimalist wall is going to come in very handy. Awesome. Thank you. If YOU want to recolor the curtains I would happily download them, but don’t put yourself out. I think you’ve made quite a lot for me already. LOL I just looked at the house I’m decorating and it’s totally schizophrenic. I must have been in a vastly different mood when I did the living room. The LR is 70’s retro, but the rest of the house is definitely shabby chic, or delightfully decrepit as I like to call it, more early 1900’s I’d say. Lot’s of mixed antiques. Gotta rip it all out, the LR that is. Sheesh. I just got this Nanu Selle conversion and I’m off to find recolors. Blessings, Katherine

    1. LOL! If you can i would love to see pics, if not don’t worry about it! I haven’t seen any recolors for that set apart from the ones that come with dl the set.

  20. H once again Helen, may I ask another wcif from a fellow poster on BPS Andrea,
    She really is dying to know where to find the below in this pic: It is so much appreciated. Thank you in advance. http://imgur.com/VUrnVgo
    # wood blocks
    # ship
    # plants
    # coral
    # white box
    ps everytime you post a house the wcif bursts with wcif lol, Are you a interior designer by trade? because you are so talented. xo

      1. You are so welcome! i know what it’s like to search for something you want so bad, so if i can help anyway it is not a problem!

  21. Is there a way to download your lots? One of them would just go so perfect with my game 🙂

  22. I just discovered this site, and your stuff is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work with us. I’ve downloaded some recolors to enjoy 🙂
    I was hoping you’d be able to help me find something I saw pictured in your recent beach house lot. The tiled modular stairs are just about my favorite thing ever! They look like a recolor of Numenor’s deck stairs? Is that right? Do you happen to know where you found them? If you could please share (if possible), I would die of happiness!

  23. Thank you! I’m super excited about the stairs and all the awesome things I got here, too 🙂 Talented people like you make my game soooo much more fun!

  24. HELLO,HELLO!! I just had to share what I found with someone! Annnnnd since I love your stuff I thought you might want some more inspiration(you may already be aware of these sites) ! My son and I were looking for wallpaper and found 3 sites of (hopefully)Interest! The 1st. is HOUZZ, The 2nd. is SPOONFLOWER and the 3rd. is WALLPAPERS to GO. At W.toG I went to shop by style, picked CONTEMPORARY, and found….books called BLING and PLATINUM and MANY more!!! My sims live the way I would if I had the kind of money it would take to decorate in real life!!!:D Anyway, thanks for letting me get that out here, I hope anyone who reads this gets some joy out of it!!

  25. Hi 🙂

    I LOVE your stuff ! Just wondering if there is a folder or somewhere I can search your items rather than having to scroll through everything?
    Have a wonderful day 🙂


  26. I knew you would! I can’t believe that no has thought to make a fence that rounds off before. Most “circular” fencing and walls have to be meshed as decorative pieces and are fixed in size. This was just too cool of a find to keep it to myself. Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Hey Helen, have you ever recolored Veranka’s 3-2 back to retro counters? I’ve been looking at your individual kitchens and you use them but I can’t seem to find recolors if you have them. Let me know? Blessings, Katherine

  28. Hi Helen! I was wondering if you could recolor jope’s dining room 7 sideboard with goats wood textures? i love your recolors with the wood textures, it makes my sim’s homes more cozy lol

  29. Hi Helen! Downloaded your new goodies! Awesome I must say. I have a teensy-weensy request. Could you please work your magic on this chair? http://sa-sims-suseso.tumblr.com/post/52618868107/440-chair-bamboo
    It’s such a cool little chair and so mid century but those are the only colors it comes in, and well…I’m spoiled. For which you are partially responsible. LOL Anyway, if you have the time I would sure appreciate it. As usual, please feel free to say no. By the way, checkout my(Katherine1221) country kitchen entry over at BPS. Hope you’re entering. Well, wait a minute. Maybe I don’t. Forget I said anything….snicker. Blessings, Katherine

    1. Gorgeous entry! LOL…No i wasn’t planning on entering but maybe now i will. I am working on a project now but i will get to them next!

  30. I was only kidding, I would really love to see what you do for the contest. I really do not care about winning, just having fun being part of it. Ain’t got nuttin’ better to do. LOL Anyway, look forward to seeing your new project and whatever you come up with for the chairs! Have a fun day! Blessings, Katherine

  31. You okay over there? Haven’t heard from you in awhile. Hope you and yours are all well. Blessings, Katherine

  32. I’m glad to know everything’s okay and looking forward to whatever you’ve been so busy with! Blessings, Katherine

  33. Hey, how are you doing over there? I hope your mouth is better and your job interview went all right. Let me know.. 🙂 Blessings, Katherine

    1. Hey, i am doing good, the infection went down but i am still unable to get my tooth pulled until the infection clears completely. It spread thru my sinuses and into my tonsils. I am so glad i went to the ER when i did because i was so close to that infection hitting my brain. Thank god that i am better. My interview went great (even with my swollen eye and face) I got offered a position and i start next week. Right now i am working on some recolors that i will be sharing soon.

  34. I am so glad you are feeling better. I worry about teeth issues as I almost lost(seriously)my youngest son due to an infection that they could not locate or cure. He shrank down to a skeleton and was so sick he could barely walk. They finally did a ct scan and found out that one of his wisdom teeth had grown upwards into his sinus cavity and was causing massive infection. They did emergency surgery and got the tooth out and it still took a couple of months for him to heal. I was never so scared. He was only 23 at the time. Thank God they found it before it entered his brain. So take care of yourself because your kids need you.
    Blessings, Katherine
    p.s. I hope your new job is a fun one!

    1. I am so happy your son is ok. I thought this was a joke until i realized how serious it was in the emergency room. The doctor was freaked out and pumping me with oral and intravenous antibiotics. That’s when i really realized OMG i could die and my first thought was my children, i have to start taking better care of myself i am 33 and not getting any younger. Who will take care of my children if not me? I was so scared i did not sleep for like 3 days. My husband was also terrified. Who knew a tooth could kill you!

  35. We got lucky with Kyle, because the tooth infection was in his sinus cavity it drained away from his head and down into the rest of his body. His lungs, chest cavity, stomach and gastrointestinal tract were all infected, but, Thank God, it did not get to his heart or brain. That was three years ago and he’s doing just fine now, but yes, it was terrifying. He was VERY close to death. Mouth and dental infections are very serious. We had no idea how serious until this happened. He went downhill so fast.
    You know, I thought I was the most scared when this very same child of ours happened to be in Japan studying when the earthquake and tsunami hit. He was thrown around, but not seriously injured. He was trapped at school for days. We had no information, all cellphones and the internet were down so we were literally in the dark, no word as to whether he had survived or not.
    Finally the Japanese government gathered up the exchange students and got them to airports to send them home. It took 5 planes and 52 hours to get him safely home.
    He was in shock. He had never felt an earthquake before, and this was one of the worst in history. He was afraid to sleep because the world might fall apart under him. Rumbling noises made him panic. Once it was explained to him that he had suffered a trauma and his feelings about it were entirely normal, in fact if he wasn’t afraid it would be worrisome, he got better. The fear scared him more than the earthquake did.
    The tooth infection scared me worse. This wasn’t bruises, this was looming death. So yeah, your kids need you, and they keep needing you even when they think they are ‘grown up’. You would think you’re done when they turn eighteen or move out on their own, but that’s when the REAL problems hit. So take ALL of your antibiotics, eat loads of protein to heal your body, rest well and stay healthy for those kids. They’re gonna need you. Blessings, Katherine

    1. oh my God, this house “New Shabby Chic Cottage” is so wonderful I want it : ) you can download this House?

      Please please : )

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