For Your Bathroom

Here are some recolors of a couple of objects for your game. I hope you all like them!






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Colonial Shower is Maxis, i used Curious B’s default tub recolor in order to get the nickle finish. Here Scroll down if you want the finish.

( I only recolored the Curtain, credit for  the finish of the tub is for Curious B)

Rug mesh by SIP is here

PB Jars by Impish Parody  are here

Get the Recolors here


I am back in action!

Well i finally got my game and downloads folder replenished and i decided to upload a bunch of recolors i made between last night and this morning as a thank you for all of you that took the time to drop kind words of encouragement and support. Those words meant more than you will ever know. love you all and enjoy!

Back in Action I

Back in Action VI

Back in Action VII

Back in Action VIII Back in Action IX Back in Action X

Spring Pillow Mesh by Mira here

NMS Tea Planter Mesh by Nemestnaya here

Vintage Calender by Billyjean is included because i was unable to find the location of the exact mesh. (I hope this is ok)

Vermillion Picture mesh by Tinkle here

Get Recolors here